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Terakom Enterprises Inc. is a global company based in North America, covering markets in America, Europe and Asia, spanning several industry sectors offering security solutions, web site developments, building materials as well as the international trade and import-export services in gourmand organic food, natural and organic cosmetics and art commodities. It has been on the market for the past 10 years, operating with a unique combination of experience, knowledge, resources and wide range of relationships, the most vital element for furnishing a successful global business. Terakom Enterprises Inc., have and maintain direct contacts with reliable suppliers with confidence and trust.

Terakom Enterprises Inc. is run by a highly motivated and qualified team of high performance professionals, in-house qualified executives and operators with yearlong, extensive knowledge and experience in sectors of security, web development, cosmetics, alimentation and international import export trading. The company acts as a horizontal as well as vertical exporter in promoting commodities, thereby enabling Terakom Enterprises Inc. to establish itself among the top current performers and to quickly approach and establish the necessary links between providers and buyers of various commodities.

With the above expertise, Terakom Enterprises Inc. has been able to develop its business in international procurement and distributorship for commodities such as Security, Web Development (design, hosting, maintenance), IP PBX Systems and Applications, Building Materials (red, green, blue, white, brown, black and mixed pattern custom cut European Marble), Natural and Organic Foods (grains, such as rice and wheat, oils such as olive, soy and peach, vinegars such as apple, balsamic and cherry, vegan alternatives such as soy products, beverages, mineral waters, coffees, spreads and jams), Unique Arts (Meerschaum pipes and art, Ebru painted art), Natural and Organic Cosmetic Products (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bubble bath, soap, body butter, lotion, cream, body scrub, massage oil, cleanser) and more for the global, domestic and private sector's needs.

At Terakom Enterprises Inc., we pride ourselves in providing customers with a high-quality professional service. We work hard at recognizing and meeting the unique needs of each client and work to provide the best ways to integrate them into the Global market. We at Terakom Enterprises Inc., take time to listen, communicate, support and guide each client into the successful opportunities ensuring each clients ongoing success and satisfaction.


Where do customers find us?

All the ways in which customers find us by percentage:

Socail media: 30%


Search engines: 20%


Advertisement: 20%


Word of mouth: 10%


Events: 10%


Publication: 10%


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A successful team
beats with one heart.
Taking time to listen, communicate, support and guide each client into the successful opportunities ensuring each clients ongoing success and satisfaction.